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Discord Event 2020

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Dear members

We are hosting an event that will allow you the chance to help Runeplace grow!

check the image below out to find more information in relation on how to be a part of this event.


The image says it all! Invite your friends to our discord server for your chance to win

The winners will be chosen from the invite manager log

You must have at least 10 invites to be eligible for entry! If caught cheating to boost your invites you will be eliminated from the event and all further events.


We ask you to kindly think of what you are doing before you do it.

We appreciate the gesture of good will but please do not go to other Rsps communities posting any information regarding runeplace if they do not wish for you to do so, if we get reports that your username has been in breach of this rule then we will have no option other than to forfeit you from the event.

Thank you for reading! Stay safe, stay well and stay you 🙂

~Runeplace Staff

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