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Dear members

We need to keep a familiar format to each release which gives members the chance to see what they are downloading before they hit that link.

Things you must do

Post some information about the content you are releasing.

Post clear media of the content being used.

Post a virus scan of your content to ensure the safety of our members.

Post credits to who ever deserves them.

(Do not release something as your own if you have only downloaded and re-uploaded.)

We care for all of our members. If you miss lead them into harms way you will be permanently banned!

(Full virus scans on the files and ensure there are no programs within your content will compromise the member)

Failure to comply with this simple list will result in

Your topic being removed

A temporary ban

A permanent ban without a chance to appeal

If you feel I should add something to this list, message me to let me know!

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