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  1. Website : click here. Welcome to CrystalPS , a server that was made to provide you with a unique experience with constant never seen before updates. Choose your class train your skills . Grab your gear , Make a team with your friends and start raiding! We have daily tasks for all skills including fishing firemaking woodcutting smithing mining runecrafting , Also the new custom skills! *Alot of custom items ---- *Classes interface *Alot of custom maps ---- *Pet combat *Main Quests ---- *Daily quests *Custom slayer ---- *Egg incubator interface *Custom teleportation interface ---- *182 osrs data *Quest log interface ---- *Raids + Custom raids *Active staff ---- *Custom Npcs *Equipment slots Upgrade ---- *Item fuser interface *New custom skills ---- *Afk system
  2. Hi, Guess i am the first person to introduce himself, My name is Runite_ ( not from the server runite.... ) I always used to go under the name Adodwerg in the RSPS community. Just joined and felt like lets help the forums get a bit more active 🙂 ~ Runite
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