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  1. Good stuff right here! 😉 People charge money for this.. *sigh*
  2. Hey everyone! I had these Packages on my Desktop, sitting there and dusting away. These Packages are both RUSE based. Please keep in mind that i DO NOT take any credits for these, just sharing them. Also i will not provide any help setting these up, you always can ask in the Discord for help! 😉 Necrotic (Host Ready) RuthlessPS (Customs Server)
  3. Eliyahu


    Thanks for the Contribution. Alot of people will use this for sure! ;)
  4. Hello all! 😉 As you all might have seen, my name is Eliyahu. I am a Developer of Runescape Priavet Servers for about 6-ish years now. Wanted to say Hi to all of you and i cannot wait to see all the great content everybody will be posting here! 😉
  5. First of all, a Quote said by Buddha, wich inspired me: And now to the Fun part: A Runescape Private that aims to provide the best experience and fun since decaded. Because of the Feedback we are getting from our Players, Moderators or even Spectators, we are able to update Daily. Auction House Working Raids 14 Working Mingames 27 Boss Fights 11 Dungeons Perfect Duelling + Staking All 25 Skills Working Standard - Resizable - Fullscreen Starting Community Much more waits ahead... Why wait? Join us now on a great journey of becoming one of the greatest Servers out there! See you soon! 😉 Eliyahu Developer of Aleron
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